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Prefabricated steel garment processing plant building

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We are a steel structure manufacturer from China, specializing in exporting for nearly 20 years. We mainly produce steel structure industrial plants, warehouses, workshops, multi-storey commercial buildings, agricultural breeding and other fields. 

If you want to build a garment factory, you can also find us.

Here are a few issues that need to be paid attention to in the production workshop of a garment factory:

Space division: 

The internal space division of the factory is based on the rational use of space based on the actual needs of the operators themselves.

1. If there are many equipments in the factory area, it is not advisable to set too many partitions and partition walls. Try to use the color of the ground or use some colored Use the logo to divide the area. Use the logo to divide the area to avoid too many colors, so that not only the area division is not obvious, but the lover will feel dizzy.
2. The equipment area and office area can be clearly divided so that it is easy to manage. A partial two-story office can be set up inside the plant.
3. Generally, clothing factories are relatively densely staffed. To make employees feel comfortable, lighting needs to be considered.

Top design:
1. The top of the factory building is usually high, When decorating the top, you must first design reasonable arrangements for fire protection, ventilation, and central air conditioning, because these are necessary for the decoration of the factory. Hardware facilities, especially fire fighting.
2. Customers can also choose whether the factory building needs a ceiling. There are many materials for the factory ceiling, which can be determined according to the actual situation. 
It is also possible not to make any suspended ceilings, and to partially decorate some facilities that need to be hidden or unsightly on the top.

Ground design:
1. The decoration of the factory should also consider the ground part. Generally, the decoration of the plant does not need to carry the load, so you can consider using some high-quality and inexpensive decoration materials. 
2. In some workshops, anti-static should be considered when decorating, and anti-static flooring should be selected as decoration materials; this can be decided according to the actual needs of the product and other aspects.

The above is just a list of some of the issues that need to be paid attention to in the garment factory. If you want to suggest a carton production workshop, you don’t know how to design the production workshop. It doesn’t matter. We have professional designers who will meet your specific needs. We will design a reasonable plan for you, and we will consider all the problems for you. 

Steel structure production process

1. Production of main steel components

Using automated equipment, the steel plate is cut into main steel components, with an error of ±2mm;

2. Production ofsmall piece 

The automatic machine automatically aligns the plate for drilling, the deviation is less than or equal to 1mm, to ensure 100% installation without error

3. Assembling, submerged arc welding, straightening of section steel

Combine the three processes of assembly, submerged arc welding and correction to improve production efficiency, and the finished product error is ±2mm

4. All component numbers

All components are numbered, marked with numerical values and letters, which saves time for later production processes and improves production efficiency.

5. Cut the marked section steel

This step is to cut the marked section steel, using infrared scanning, the error range is within 2mm, the cutting edge is smooth and beautiful, which is convenient for later welding.

6. Assemble

Assemble all the connection boards and perform local spot welding with electric welding; check the dimensions to ensure that the dimensions of each component conform to the drawings.

7. Secondary welding

Weld all the connecting parts of the assembly process firmly, and cross the assembly process, with high productivity and fast welding efficiency.

8. Shot blasting and rust removal

Through the impact and cutting action of the spraying material on the profiled steel, the surface rust of the profiled steel is removed to increase the roughness, and artificial slag removal treatment is also performed, which makes a very good preparation for the spray painting, enhances the adhesion of the coating and the profiled steel, and prolongs the Durability of the coating film.

9. Spray paint

Spray paint according to the drawings and customer requirements, and spray 4 times. After the completion, the surface of the component will not sag, no bubbles, no cracks, and the color is uniform and beautiful.

10. Composite board veneer production

On average, each machine can produce 2,000 square meters a day; veneer production machines: we have 6 machines, which can produce 10,000 meters a day.

11.C section steel production

CNC C-shaped steel production machine, first punching, then bending, and then cutting, no burrs and no sticking, high production efficiency, can produce 5,000 meters a day.

12.Accessories production

This is our accessory production area, all accessories for the entire project are produced here

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.