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Steel Poultry Farm

Prefab environmental control poultry farm steel structure poultry farm and layer hen house chicken broiler shed

Prefab environmental control poultry farm steel structure poultry farm and layer hen house chicken broiler shed

Seel structure poultry farm building

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    T/T & L/C
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    Hebei, China
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    about 30 days
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    30-50 usd/sqm
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Product description

Steel structure poultry house is made of light weight steel structure, it's widely used for the chicken, sheep, cow, etc. The roof can be made of corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panel which has good insulation performance. The wall is built with steel mesh or sandwich panel. Both the wall and the roof have contributed to ensure an excellent insulation performance, therefore the shed is very resistant to wind, impact and climate change.

We have professional designers who can design solutions for you according to your different needs, so no matter what kind of chicken house you want, we will try our best to realize it for you.

Production process

1. Pre-production meeting: Discuss project requirements and execution standards, ensuring customer’s demands are accurately forwarded to the production line.

2. Production drawings: With quality requirements and process standards.

3. Raw Material Inspection: Rigorous inspection of raw materials ensures qualified products entering the factory.

4. CNC flame cutting and slicing:High Precision and high production efficiency make the steel cutting amount per day up to 150-200 tons.

5. H-Beam Spot Welding and Assembly: Assembled welded and corrected in a streamlined process with a production rate of approximately 25 meters per hour.

6. Intelligent Steel Marking Robot: Smart operation for precise line marking.

7. Intelligent Steel Cutting Robot: Infrared ray scans marking, accurate cutting. Perfect finish, efficient cuts up to 50 tons.

8. Small Plates Fabrication: Automated CNC machines, ensuring high-speed, accurate drilling to guarantee error-free installation.

9. Assembly: Connected plates are assembled and welded on H beam, Cross work maximize welding efficiency.

10. Shot Blasting: Sa 2.5 grade clean rust and enhance coating adhesion, extend life usage.

11. Semi-Finished Product Inspection: 100% quality inspection to ensure product compliance.

12. Painting: Four coats of paint , ensuring a smooth, bubble-free, crack-free, and uniform surface finish.

13. Product Coding: Every steel structure part is clearly coded according to installation drawings, ensuring smooth installation.

14. C-Steel Production: CNC programming ensure smooth, high-efficiency production, yielding 5,000 meters daily.

15. Single Panel Production: Six machines produce 10,000 meters daily, high efficiency.

16. Composite sandwich Panel: High-speed production of 2,000 meters daily.

17. Bending: Accessories and gutters for the entire facility are fabricated here.

18. Finished Product Inspection: Goods can not be allowed to be packed until getting the approval by QC Authorities.

19. Storage: Qualified products are categorized and stored in the yard, to keep the goods are clean, dry and ventilated.

20. Packaging: packed with steel crates, save shipping container.

21.  Pre-loading Inspection: Quantity and appearance inspections are conducted before loading, ensuring customers can receive the perfect goods.

Product installation

We are direct manufacturer for steel warehouse buildings manufacturer. Production period is about 25-45 days after receipt of advance payment. We will provide installation drawings, installation videos. If necessary, we will have dedicated staffs and engineers to the scene to guide the installation. loading and unloading of our products are convenient. You can use crane in the destination,two people can discharge whole products within half an hour. And definitely won't destroy packaging.

Q1: You are manufacture factory or trading company?
A: We are direct manufacture for steel structure buildings. we have rich experiance of steel structure designing,manufacturing, processing and installation.
Q2: Is your price competitive with other companies?
A: Our business goal is to give you the best price with same quality and best quality with the same price. We will try our best to reduce your cost.
Q3: Do you offer service for installation?
A: We will give detailed installation drawings and video for free. And if you need, we could send engineers as installation director even a team.
Q4: Do you accept container loading inspection?
A: You are welcomed to send an inspector, not only for the container loading, but any time during the production time.
Q5: Do you offer designing service for us?
A: Yes, we have experienced design team,and we can design full solution drawings as your requirements.
Q6: What is the delivery time?
A: Delivery time depends on order quantities. Generally, the delivery time will be 30 days after receiving deposit.
Q7: How can you get a quotation for your projects?
A: You can chat with us anytime or you can just fill out our questionnaire and send back to us. We will give you the best quotation asap.

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.