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Light metal frame building prefab welded steel material structure workshop

Light metal frame building prefab welded steel material structure workshop

prefabricated galvanized steel structure production workshop

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Light metal frame building prefab welded steel material structure workshop

Product specifications

Steel structure workshop is made from welding H section steel as column and beam, some of them has crane beam, it's made from H steel beam too.Galvanized C ,Z section steel as wall purlin and roof purlin, Its wall and roof are made of metal steel sheet or sandwich panel. The door is electric shutter door or flat open door. Window is pvc or aluminum window. With the extensiveuse of steel structure,its advantages are increasingly significant compared with traditional building.

Steel structure production process

Our company has just optimized the product production line, adopted advanced production machines, simplified the production process, improved production efficiency, and will never delay the construction period under the condition of quality and quantity.


1. According to the drawings, cut the steel plate into main steel components

  Machine: CNC flame cutting machine

  Advantages: automated equipment, accurate cutting, error±2mm; high production efficiency, can cut 150-200 tons of plates a day.

2. Small piece production

  Machine: CNC Drilling Machine

  Advantages: By programming the XYZ axis limit function, the machine automatically aligns the plate for drilling, fast speed, high precision, deviation≤1mm, ensuring 100% installation error-free.

3. Assembling of section steel, submerged arc welding, straightening

  Machine: Straightening, grouping and welding machine

  Advantages: This machine integrates the three processes of assembly, submerged arc welding and correction. Two machines form an assembly line to work. The error of the finished product is +-2mm, and the output of the finished product is about 25 meters per hour, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

4. Number all components

  Machine: Shaped steel intelligent marking robot

  Advantages: This machine adopts the special marking plasma power source of Hypertherm to mark the welding lines, component numbers, values and letters on all components. It saves time for the later production process and greatly improves the work efficiency and production capacity.

5. Cut the marked section steel

  Machine: steel cutting robot

  Infrared scanning is adopted, the error range is within 2mm, and the TEKAL software data file cutting is deepened through detailed drawings. It supports various overlapping forms of bevels, Z-shaped mouth cutting, and the cutting mouth is smooth and beautiful, which is convenient for later welding. Eliminate the tedious process of artificial incision and post-grinding. The cutting efficiency is fast, and the output can reach up to 50T/day.


 The assembly of all connecting boards is completed in this process; electric welding is performed for local spot welding; the dimensions are checked to ensure that the dimensions of each component conform to the drawings.

7. Secondary welding

The second welding process will weld all the connecting parts of the assembly process firmly. The advantages are: the cross-operation with the assembly process has high productivity, and the welding efficiency is fast. After all the tests are qualified, the next process is entered.

8. Shot blasting and rust removal

This process is mainly through the impact and cutting action of the spraying material on the section steel, to remove the surface rust of the section steel and increase the roughness, and also to do artificial slag cleaning, which makes a very good preparation for the spray painting, and enhances the coating and section steel. Adhesion, extending the durability of the coating film.

9. Spray paint

Spray paint according to the drawings and customer requirements, and spray 4 times: 2 times of Hongdan anti-rust primer (anti-rust), 2 times of medium gray alkyd topcoat (waterproof); coating thickness: more than 70um, allowable deviation 5um; completed After cleaning, the surface of the component does not sag, no bubbles, no cracks, and the color is uniform and beautiful.

10. Composite board veneer production

Composite board production machine: can produce 2000 square meters a day; veneer production machine: we have 6 machines, which can produce 10000 meters a day.

11. C section steel production

CNC C-section steel production machine, CNC programming to set the hole spacing/length, punching first, then bending, and then cutting, no burrs and no sticking, high production efficiency, can produce 5000 meters a day.

12. Accessories production

This is our accessory production area, all accessories for the entire project are produced here.

13. Freight Yard

  All produced goods will be packed, boxed and shipped here.

Steel structure product features

1、Firm structure

The structure is firm, the earthquake resistance and wind resistance are good, and the safety is high;

2、Fast construction

The construction speed is fast and is not affected by the environmental season. A building of about 3,000

square meters requires only 10 workers and can be completely installed in 30 days.

3、Energy saving and environmental protection

The material can be 100% recycled, can reach 50% energy-saving standard.

4、Economical and practical

The total weight of the steel structure is about half that of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce 

the basic cost.

5、Wide range of uses

Steel structure can be widely used in warehouses, factories, shopping malls, chicken houses, cowsheds, etc.

Contact Us

If you need to build one, plz send us the informaton as follows:
(1) Dimension: Length,width,height. 
(2) Doors and windows: Dimension,quantity,position.
(3) Local climate: Wind speed. Snow load. Seismic magnitude etc.
(4) Insulation material: Panel type, sandwich materials, sandwich thickness.
(5) Crane beam: Do you need crane beam inside the steel structure?And its load.
(6) If you have other requirements. Such as fire proofing. Insulated roof,etc. please also inform us.
(7) It’s better if you have your own drawings or sketch.Please send them to us.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.